François Hollande will leave the Elysée... and his dog too!

In a few months, François Hollande will leave the Elysée Palace to give way to a new President of the Republic. And he intends to take Philae, his dog, with him.

It's been two years since Philae, a black Labrador, lives alongside François Hollande. It was offered at Christmas 2014 by the Montreal Veterans Federation, in accordance with its tradition. And if Philae's debut as a presidential bitch was a little complicated, she finally adapted well to this life! So much so that her master became attached to her.

The President of the Republic, attached to Philae

The Parisian also reveals that Francois Hollande wishes to take Philae with him when he leaves the Elysee. According to one of his relatives quoted in the article, "the President is attached to it and takes care of it, sometimes we see it walk ". Francois Hollande did not want his dog who had accidentally overthrown one of his guests, a year ago.

The two horses that the President received during his quinquennium from Algerian President Bouteflika , will remain, however, in the National Studs of Pompadour, in Corrèze, where they take part in beauty contests.

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