Found in a pouring rain, this tiny kitten is unrecognizable today

There was very unlikely that Bruce could survive...

Two years ago, in a rainstorm, Kathryn van Beek spotted a tiny animal crawling along the road in Auckland, New Zealand . The animal was so small that Kathryn van Beek first thought it was a mouse, before realizing that it was actually a tiny cat.

Approaching, Kathryn van Beek discovers that the kitten has only a few hours and is totally alone. She decides to take him in her arms and take her with her. That's how Bruce entered the life of Kathryn van Beek

A kitten in danger

At first, Kathryn van Beek thinks that the kitten will get through without difficulty, but the more hours pass, the more complicated it seems . Soon, Kathryn van Beek understands that the life of the little Bruce is in great danger and that kittens of this age have little chance of surviving without their mother.

In order to offer every opportunity to little Bruce, Kathryn van Beek decided to do everything so that he could survive and have the chance to grow up. It will take six weeks of intensive care to finally get Bruce off the hook. That's when his coat changed color, from gray to black.

A beautiful life for Bruce

Today, two years old, little Bruce has become a beautiful cat who loves to run everywhere and spend long hours playing and sleeping. Driven by Bruce's story, Kathryn van Beek has even written a book telling her story , a book just released in New Zealand.

Because he had the chance to cross the good person at the right time, little Bruce could have a second chance in life. The proof that it only takes a few seconds, a good decision, to absolutely change everything in someone else's life, whether it is an animal or not.

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