Fort McMurray: Airlines Violate Regulations to Allow Saved Animals to Stay With Their Masters

In flames since 1 > last May, the city of Fort McMurray (Canada) had to be evacuated. And during rescues by the air, pets were able to stay in the cabin alongside their humans...

Canadian companies Suncor Energy, West Jet and Canadian North did not hesitate to bypass their rules in order to to make a heroic gesture for the survivors of Fort McMurray: if the third made a feline one of its full crew (but momentary), they all allowed a few animals saved from boarding not in the hold but in the cabin during their rescue.

Nearly 100,000 people had to flee the flames in a hurry. And unfortunately, some of them had no choice but to leave without their dog, cat... nevertheless, those who could be saved with their hairy were also able to stay with. "We all love animals. We knew it was important for the owners to stay with them ", said Keith Mann - airline pilot for Suncor Energy - at Metronew Calgary .

Thanks you #westjet 130 passengers, 5 cats, and 19 dogs! And 2 turtles! @RejectedAnimals @animalveg @The_Animal_Team

- Jen C (@ jencme35) May 7, 2016

Proud to be associated with @WestJet who we luv now even more #FortMacStrong

- Big Brothers Big Sis (@bbbspc ) May 7, 2016

A photo published by Amanda Weger (@its_none_of_your_fitness) on May 6, 2016 at 3:31 AM PDT

Thx for all the kudos everyone. Happy to help move 2 & 4 legged pax from #ymm . We are here to share this pic on FB:)

- Canadian North (@CanadianNorth) May 6, 2016

Seattle Wa - as part of Fort McMurray, Alberta fire evacuation flights. Like the dog collar!

- Rein Bob (@ bgr64308) May 7, 2016

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