Former neighbors fight for the care of a dog

Here is a very sad story on bottom of settling of accounts between former neighbors whose outcome is the disruption of a retired couple, and the main casualty a bitch West Highland White Terrier (Westie) who does not understand what is happening to her.

Everything starts in 2006 when Maryse asks to his neighbors in Saintes (Poitou-Charentes) to keep Angie. Indeed, a few weeks after the birth of the bitch only, Maryse realizes that she can not, because of financial problems and housing, provide for the dog .

Pierre et Jacqueline, retirees, willingly willing to serve their neighbor and quickly attach to Angie. But here, the situation between the neighbors is degraded and the couple accuses Maryse of stealing checks. After a legal action, she is sentenced to 3 months in prison and damages amounting to 1,782 euros.

In retaliation, Maryse today asks to recover her dog , even if she only knew him a few weeks. The problem ? She is in her right.

The dog belongs to the one who bought it

Even if Pierre and jacqueline have kept Angie for years, the dog is still considered as a very moveable "For French law. That is why they must give back to their owner the dog that has been given to them "temporarily."

The couple knows that Maryse does this to take revenge, and even if they obtained the sum of 3,835 euros corresponding to the maintenance cost of the dog since the spring of 2006, they can not bring themselves to make it.

Pierre and Jacqueline consider this dog as their child and are really depressed to see it removed. Pierre's doctor even worries about the psychological state of his patient...

So even if the dog should have been returned on December 30, 2010, he is still at Pierre and Jacqueline's, and the couple is penalized with a fine of 15 euros per day of delay.

According to you, who is entitled to keep the dog? Who bought it or who raised it?