Prohibited access by the hospital where his master is admitted, a dog disrupts the whole world

It's in Spain that this beautiful story unfolded... Champi stayed night and day in front of the door hospital where its owner is taken care of.

Refused by the hospital staff in front of the doors of the clinic, the dog has taken his patience. 2 days and 2 nights , it is the time remained Champion, alias Champi to wait for his owner hospitalized in Spain. The dog has eyes only for his master 89 years, and this, since always. It is this love and loyalty that led him to push his limits.

This dose of love moved hospital staff as well as passers-by before upset Internet users on the web. Gradually, a human chain was created to feed and water the dog, which was planted in front of the Queen Sofia Hospital in Murcia (southern Spain). Passersby even took the opportunity to take pictures and cuddle this doggie, which a month earlier, had already waited four days for its owner.

Only, the municipal police, questioned by the crowd posted in front of the hospital, asked the patient's family to pick up the animal and take him home . This event created buzz on the Internet, and fueled the discontent of Internet users who followed the mishaps of Champi. Despite the hundreds of messages left to the police, the latter did not give in, and the dog was removed by the family.

Hoping that the master of Champi can come soon find his adorable doggie, which proves us again that the dog is the best friend of the man

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