For or against the closing of cat cafes in Japan?

The Cat Café , or Cafés with Cats , you may have never heard of it, yet it is a real phenomenon in Japan .

For 5 years, stressed citizens of big cities like Tokyo can to give a privileged moment of relaxation in these establishments which have the particularity of let evolve cats in freedom .

The carousels are caressed, and the customers taste a good coffee with the sound so soothing of purring .

Yes, but the government of the country does not see Cat Café so good. Through a new law, it will oblige owners of cat cafes to close their establishment at 20h.

The goal? To avoid the stress in the cats .

Caressed of the

The managers of such establishments are not of the same opinion. Cat Café cats are not stressed or tired since they can come and go at leisure and are not forced to do anything.

In addition, cats are nocturnal animals, so after 20h they are particularly active and are likely to appreciate the caresses of the customers .

Finally, the customers of this type of cafe are mainly workers who will hardly be able to frequent the establishment before the end of day.

But for the Japanese Animal Welfare Association , these cats are exploited and risk the depression .

If the closure of Cat Café in 20h was confirmed, most of these cats would end up... unemployed. What future for them, the animal shelter ?