For 6 years, a dog has been keeping watch near the grave of his master

Captain, this is the name of a German Shepherd whose loyalty has not obviously no limit. Even death could not separate him from his master .

That's six years since his beloved owner died, and as many years as he remains near his grave ...

A disconcerting fidelity

This unconditional love was born in 2005, in the city Villa Carlos Paz in Argentina, when Miguel Guzman adopted Captain. The dog was supposed to be a gift for his little boy, but it was to Miguel that the little German Shepherd was the most attached.

Alas, death deprived him of his beloved master on March 24, 2006. Captain then a year barely

Shortly after Miguel's death, his faithful companion ran away from home, never to return. Veronica, Miguel's widow, says she immediately thought that the dog had come to hell.

But a few days later, she found out that he was still alive, and in perfect health. It's near Miguel's tomb that she found Captain. The dog was lying there, and categorically refused to follow Veronica and his son when they tried to take him home.

Captain watches over his master's grave for 6 years

The dog refuses to leave cemetery

Since the dog has never wanted to leave the grave of his master . Very touched by this incredible fidelity, the graveyard cares for and decided to take care of him. They feed him and have him regularly checked by a veterinarian.

Will Captain leave the cemetery one day? It is quite possible that he will stay there forever, until his own death...

As incredible as this beautiful story , it is reminiscent of other faithful dogs without limit. How can one not think of the heartbreaking story of Hachiko, the Japanese dog who until his death waited for his master on the platform of a train station? The animal, an Akita Inu, inspired a film that Richard Gere shared with Joan Allen in 2009.

The loyalty of this dog has no limit