For 3 weeks, she struggled to find her cat, lost at the airport

Itchy flew in the hold to get to Barcelona from Manchester, on the 10th last march. But when he reached his destination, he escaped from his cage before being able to rejoin his owner.

Itchy disappeared after landing at Barcelona-El Prat airport on 10 March after a theft. from Manchester. He was traveling aboard an Iberia plane. The cat managed to escape from its cage after it fell on the airstrip when the handlers unloaded them. passenger luggage. The company states: "Our ground handling agent confirmed that he was safe in a cage and that he disappeared after the flight."

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A petition to find the cat

Since then, its owner, Andrea Barragan, has mobilized to try to find his cat. Although she was in good contact with Iberia, her requests to set up traps to catch the animal in the airport were all ignored. For its part, Iberia said "we are doing our utmost to help the airport find Itchy. We stayed in touch with the airport, which has been doing a lot of research for Itchy since it disappeared."

Three weeks after his disappearance, Itchy was still untraceable and Andra Barragan created a petition , hoping that it would help to put pressure on Barcelona airport.

But while everyone was losing hope, Itchy was miraculously found on 3 April by the airport staff. He has lost a lot of weight and is burned in the stomach and legs, but his life is not in danger. He has now regained the arms of his mistress.

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