Dry food and kittens

Choosing the right diet for your kitten is very important for its growth and health. Here are our tips:

The kitten's kibble and diet should be carefully selected during the growing season of the small cat

Indeed, it is between 2 to 12 months that the kitten will acquire all vitamins and minerals it will need to become a solid adult

Kittens for kittens distributed 5 times a day

Kittens are unable to self-regulate . Also, it is important for the master to disperse meals.

Ideally, a kitten should eat kibble or wet food 5 times a day. This prevents him from stuffing himself and not eating enough to eat.

Adapted kitten food

A small cat can not eat like an adult. In supermarkets or at the veterinarian's, you will easily find kibbles or cat food adapted to your age. Attention also to the given ration

It is only from 12 months that the kitten will be considered as an adult and can be fed as such.

In period of growth, croquettes and kitten food must be given in proportion to the weight of the small cat

Kittens for high protein kittens

Kittens must be selected for

Nutritional qualities. a kitten needs foods or croquettes high in protein and fat. Its diet must cover its energy needs and allow a good development of its muscles .

Kitten food must also have an ideal ratio between calcium and phosphorus to ensure the strength of the skeleton of the cat.

Finally, the kitten's diet should be rich in omega 3 and 6. These essential fatty acids contribute to the maintenance of a healthy coat and to the good development of the vision and the central nervous system of the kitten.

Croquettes or kitten wet food?

Kitten kibble has been perfectly designed for small cats. Their size and composition have been adapted to the needs of the kitten.

Similarly, wet kittens are good for small cat

nutritional needs. better to mold stools and make them less odorous.

Wet foods are rich in water. A positive point when your kitten is reluctant to drink

Anyway, note that you must always keep a fresh bowl of water available to the kitten.

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