After the death of their dogs, they receive something that leaves them speechless

> A few days ago, Laura Waltenburg went on Facebook to post a message about her sister and brother-in-law. They lost their two dogs after a terrible accident and then had an unusual experience with an online pet sales site. A story so incredible that it quickly became viral

An extraordinary story

A few days before the terrible accident that cost the lives of the two dogs, Laura Waltenburg's sister placed an important order on A command obviously become useless following the drama. Not knowing what to do with these two huge bags of croquettes, the head then decides to send a message to the site to request a refund against a return of the goods, all explaining the situation . Quickly, the site responds to the request by making the total refund of the order and proposing to the couple to give the croquettes to an association rather than to be bored to send them back. But that's not all. The site then sends a 2


message asking for a picture of the dead dogs so they can be included in a dedicated album. The couple is done and has the immense surprise to receive a few days later a

big bouquet of flowers with a portrait of the two dogs