Follow the health of your dog every day, thanks to a

Follow the daily physical condition of his dog, know if it is sufficient exercise, and organize its activities accordingly: this is what for a few days has proposed the Japanese firm Fujitsu

The company has indeed launched this service Wednesday. For the time reserved for dog owners of the Japanese archipelago, this is a real pedometer , inspired by those that have already existed for a long time for humans.

Various measured data and recorded

Hung on the dog's neck, the small device measures all kinds of data. The number of steps taken by the animal, the distance traveled, its speed, and even the variations of the temperature of its body are recorded.

This data is then sent to the mobile phone or the computer of the master of the animal. thanks to a contactless chip integrated into the pedometer.

They are also recorded on an online platform where the owner of the dog can consult them at will, and follow very carefully the physical condition of the dog. his 4-legged companion and his evolution over the weeks and months

Best of all, Fujitsu's Canine Pedometer can send a alert message when the dog did not do so enough exercise during the day

Reassure owners about their dog's health

"These tools are designed to reassure owners about the health of their pet," says Fujitsu. " In a country where the number of children is shrinking and the number of singles' homes is increasing, the domestic animal is increasingly perceived as a full member of the family", stresses the Japanese firm

In addition to helping dog owners to monitor the physical condition of their faithful companions, this gadget could also be useful for veterinarians.

It remains to be seen when the Canine pedometer will land in our country! No doubt this type of gadget will find its audience in France and in the rest of Europe.