Flynt, the paralyzed kitten miraculously found the use of its paws!

Flynt, a young kitten saved by an association while he was completely paralyzed from the rear train, will offer the the best gift to his saviors by miraculously finding the use of his paws!

Saved and transported to Whisker Stop , an animal welfare association, Flynt was able to fight to stay in life. " Flynt was unable to use his legs or tail. He was suspected of having soft tissue injuries, leaving him paraplegic, "said Kim McNutly, president of Whisker Stop Love Meow . But, Flynt was not like all kittens, he had that fighting spirit in him, and it was thanks to him that the volunteers were quickly convinced that he had to be helped to get by.

Only a few weeks after entering the shelter, the kitten had progressed a lot, and it is not his hind legs that would say the opposite! In fact, the more time passed and the more the kitten began to become sensitive of the rear train .

" With many exercises, massages and prayers, Flynt showed signs of reuse of his muscles... he was even starting to feel his tail and paws! , "said Kim McNutly

" We have developed a plan to rehabilitate care, and today we have a lot of hope that he finds the full mobility of his hind legs! , "said the president of the association. In addition, after the first improvements, Flynt received specific foods and dietary supplements to help strengthen the muscles.

A few weeks of hard work were enough for Flynt to do what all the volunteers were waiting for!


" His fear of tickling and pain is a good response to the stimuli that were sent, soon electrotherapy will no longer be needed! "

After that, Flynt started to stand properly , like a true champion! " We are very optimistic, he will soon regain control of his bladder and intestines to overcome all his incontinence problems ," said McNutly.

Today, Flynt runs through all the rooms of the house thanks to its personalized wheelchair


" There are several chiropractic adjustments to make. We will have to bring new massage techniques, and the swimming sessions will continue , "said April Springer the human who welcomes the kitten time of recovery.

" We have a lot of hope for Flynt and we can not wait to see him find a normal mobility ! , said Kim McNutly

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