Firefighters save a kitten stuck in a wall for 12 hours (Video)

A kitten 6 weeks , it is curious, but not always very careful.

Leila, every young cat has had the terrible experience and almost never see the light of day.

While she was playing in the bathroom of her mistress, little Leila ventured inside a hole in the wall behind the toilet... The unlucky fell inside the wall and found himself stuck 4,50 meters lower .

His mistress quickly worried about not seeing his very young hairball. She searched for her mark everywhere in the house, in vain...

It was only the next day, 12 hours after her fall , that the mistress of Leila heard the frail moans of her little protected. But these noises come from inside the wall, impossible to locate the pussy. She immediately called the fire department.

A firefighter with the big heart

The rescuers quickly intervened with their equipment to pierce the wall of the bathroom and detect the presence of the kitten.

" When I arrived, I could only hear it. I made a hole in the bathroom wall and I used a flashlight and a mirror to find , "said one of the firefighters.

" " ground, between two pipes, at the garage, several meters lower "he adds.

The firefighter has managed to precisely locate the location of the minette, then is down in the garage to dig a hole in the wall and deliver it without hurting her

Finally, her little face appears!

The poor little girl was covered with dust and spider webs But nothing was broken. Thirsty and hungry , she threw herself on water and food.

The rescue of her little Leila was a great relief for her mistress. And once again, Congratulations to the brave firefighters !

A firefighter with the big heart saves a kitten without defenses