The firemen save her cat from the fire where she lost everything, she burst into tears

The flames destroyed the home and property of this young woman but fortunately, her faithful companion could be evacuated safe and sound. A miracle!

This Lincoln resident in the state of Rhode Island in the United States struggled to hold back her tears of relief when the firefighters came to put out the fire that devastated her house and destroyed a large part of her possessions came out of her charred dwelling by holding in their arms... her cat!

While she thought that he had been trapped by the flames, n had not survived and she had lost everything, she was overwhelmed by emotion when she saw her faithful companion unscathed .

Firefighters rescue cat while battling Lincoln fire

All that he rest

The ball of hair was indeed found safe and sound and quickly joined the trembling arms of his human, without looking more disturbed than that. Unfortunately, if both survived to this terrible incident and no one was injured, they are now on the street.

"She lost everything " his sister, interviewed by WPRI. She explains that the young woman had just returned from the hospital where she was being treated for a dislocation of the hip. "They have no house but I will not leave them in the street," she says.

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