Firefighters revive hamsters with tiny

Last Friday, a fire broke out in a mobile home. home in Lacey, Washington State in the United States. Fortunately, firefighters arrived in time to extinguish the flames and, because saving lives, whether human or animal, is their mission, to rescue the 5 hamsters they found in a cage.

4 hamsters saved by firefighters

The rodents had all lost consciousness because of the smoke they had inhaled. But the rescuers did not abandon them. After taking them out of the house, they consulted their guide dedicated to the rescue of pets who were victims of fire and made with pipes and a plastic bag of very small makeshift oxygen masks to revive them

Thanks to these masks and the care given to them by firefighters, 4 hamsters were saved. Alas the fifth is dead.

"The main reason we were there was to put out the fire, but we serve people and every time we are called we do our best to fix things" explains at Today one of the firefighters who participated in this unusual rescue, Tim Hulse

The latter posted photos of small survivors, Oreo, Madonna and their babies on Twitter , as well as the guide he and his team used to save them.