Firefighters rescue a fallen dog in a frozen lake

Trapped by the frozen waters of Lake Michigan, this dog in state of hypothermia could have died. It was not counting on the intervention of heroic firefighters who helped him.

The year 2016 nearly ended for this golden retriever and its owner. After falling on Lake Michigan this December 28, the poor dog found himself totally trapped by ice . Impossible for him to go back to the shore, located 100 meters from him.

Here is the video of this rescue:

The dog was in hypothermia

Fortunately, help was not slow. Firefighters in White Lake have gone to great lengths to save the dog. "The dog was still barking (...) but over time, it was starting to lethargic because of the temperature of the water and its hypothermic state," said one of the rescuers. to ABC.

To reach the dog, the firefighters had to attach themselves to a safety rope, while another entered under the ice. Thanks to their efforts, the Golden Retriever was able to be saved and find his masters after being treated by a veterinarian.

In winter, it is common for animals to accidentally get stuck under the ice after to have fallen into the water. To avoid a tragedy, it is better not to let your animal walk on frozen lakes for example...

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