Fifteen days after the earthquake in Italy, a cat was saved from the rubble

Pietro is a real miracle worker. Unhurt from the rubble caused by the earthquake that raged in central Italy a fortnight ago, it has become a symbol of hope...

Fifteen days after the earthquake that killed nearly 300 people in Italy, another miraculous animal was discovered by firefighters. It's about Pietro, a pretty cat who was lucky enough to be out of the rubble in time.

Stuck under the rubble, it's his head that was first seen excavation of the ruins. After long-term work, the firefighters managed to extract the feline

from his stone prison. Dehydrated, Pietro also had the fractured jaw

. But thanks to the reactivity of his rescuers who quickly led him to the veterinary clinic, his days are no longer in danger. Cat rescued after 15 days under earthquake rubble in Italy // /Cv77G0Bl31 - Ruptly (@Ruptly)

September 8, 2016

Last week, it was Romeo a dog, and Gigia - a cat - who also had been released alive from the rubble. Like what, we must never lose hope... To read on the same theme :