Fetch, a harness to fix his GoPro on his dog and film all his crazy adventures

After making a disabled dog his new mascot, the famous brand of cameras on board GoPro continues to bet on our dear and tender doggies .

The manufacturer has just launched a new accessory that should delight many dog ​​owners: a harness for to fix his small camera on the back or the bust of his 4-legged companion and thus discover the world according to his point of view

Whether you have a French Bulldog or a Saint Bernard, this accessory should perfectly fit him seoir. The GoPro harness for dogs is adjustable and can go as well to a small dog of 7 kilos as to a big loulou of 54 kilos , affirms the mark.

That he swims, that he short, play, dig, hunt or snooze when you come home, so you can film all the activities of your dog and not miss anything of his crazy adventures.

"Because they are versatile and adapt to all circumstances, GoPro is the ideal camera to give us a life-view of a dog's point of view," says Osborne. , senior director in charge of GoPro product development. "We designed the Fetch harness taking into account the specific constraints imposed by the animals without forgetting their comfort Now, we look forward to discovering the photos and videos that the owners of the dogs will surely hurry. to share ".

The price of the harness? It is very reasonable. Compatible with all GoPro cameras, washable, comfortable, waterproof and visibly very easy to use, Fetch is sold 59.99 dollars, 45 euros approx .

No doubt , Youtube will soon be invaded by images captured by doggies of all kinds! Cats just have to stand, because their best enemies could steal the show on the web!