Ferrets are on AllCreatureAnimalClinic!

They belong to the category of NAC (New Pets), they are more than 400 000 in France and they finally arrive on AllCreatureAnimalClinic.

Who are they? Ferrets of course!

Are you already a fan of this, or do you want to know him better, perhaps to adopt one in the future?

Consult the ferret's sheet and the practical advice devoted to it.

Hi fufus!

You will notice that the ferret is in the category "Rodents" only for practical reasons (it is the same for the Rabbit), however we are aware that it is not a question of 'a rodent but a mustelide .

If you are a ferret owner, you can already register it on the social network. If it's already done, you can recategorize it from "Others" to "Ferret."

A problem with your ferret, an anecdote to share? You can ask a question in the Questions / Answers, create a forum topic specifically for the ferret.

And above all, do not hesitate to share your ferret photos with other AllCreatureAnimalClinic members.