Fearful of an accident, a fleeing dog finds his family after a month of wandering

Lost in Sarthe since last November following a car accident while going in Brittany with his master, the dog found his family on December 15, thanks, in particular, to the help of an anonymous to the great heart.

It's a Christmas miracle that happens a little before the hour: missing for nearly a month, a dog was found and returned to his masters from Germany a few days ago! The animal - frightened by the shock - had fled on the A11 after his owner had a road accident involving his trailer, reported Maine Libre which spotted a publication on the Facebook page gendarmes of Sarthe .

Originally the Rhodesian Ridgeback called Buddy went to the second home of his adopter, located in Brittany. But the trauma caused by the percussion between the vehicles was such that he preferred to take his paws around his neck. Despite the research carried out by the agents of Vinci and his owner, he then remained untraceable.

From tracks to serious reunion

On advice of police highway, the masters of the doggie then posted an announcement on the group "Pet Alert 72". A few days later, the first glimmer of hope: Buddy would have been seen in Thouars. Neither one nor two, they left Germany for this city located a little more than a hundred kilometers from where he had disappeared. Unfortunately for them, it was a false alarm .

And last week, the unthinkable happened: the dog - alive - was seen and recognized. Assisted by the company Caniroute de Saint-Saturnin, a resident of Ségrie even took care of feeding him and doing his best to reassure him as he was still panicked . Contacted, the owners of the animal thus went on the spot... and were able to recover their adored ball of hair. All is well that ends well thanks to the great hearts of heroes who, one by one, took turns to reunite this beautiful family!

How to travel by car with his dog?

On the road, at the wheel , the risk "0" does not exist. But no way to make it more stressful than it should be the trips in the car with his hairy. In order to make travel conditions optimal with him, should be used very early to travel in a vehicle, to travel in an attached cage and placed on a seat if it is rather small. strap it directly with a harness and a short leash. On the other hand, if you are really stressed, you can also ask your veterinarian to prescribe anti-stress medication to your dog.

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