Falling under the spell of a wounded and wandering black cat, she decided to adopt

It's officially been a year that Mr Choco shares the life of Isabelle. However, the story of this cat and this Parisian was not obvious...

Superstition requires, black cats still have too little place in the hearts of Westerners. They are statistically less adopted than other felines. But this condition did not stop Isabelle from falling in love with one of them in the winter of 2014/2015. Already 7 or 8 years old when she found him, filled with ticks because wandering and often injured because brawler is not castrated, he could have put off more than one, but not her. ¬ęThe first Once I met him, he had a serious injury over the top and I immediately felt that he was alone. I then offered him some food and he accepted but timidly ", she confided to the writing of AllCreatureAnimalClinic .

" As he He came to eat, he took his bearings but never slept at home. Sometimes he even came selflessly, just to see me and he purred a lot. " And little by little, tomcat and two-legged weaved strong bonds.

" At every hard time he went through he was coming to my place. I took care of him then... I ended up officially adopting him in April 2015. "

Yet, this magnificent gesture has very nearly failed to happen : " I had already two cats to take care of. My husband was not very upfront at first as he admitted when we were at the vet. "

But a stroke of heart is not controlled. The adoption took place and the feline was named Mr Choco. An act that also had the role of metamorphosing the animal since it is from this one that he managed to sleep with his rescuer, probably feeling accepted for real. Nevertheless, he was sometimes a little aggressive with the other two cats in the house and tended to bulimia . The behaviors that led the Parisian woman to discover animal communication 2 months ago

"It's a practice like clairvoyance or mediums, we believe or do not believe... free to everyone. I wanted to know his past to better understand him and help him overcome his problems. And there, as surprising as it may seem, I discovered that he understood that the official adoption was hesitant. The person - without me telling him anything - told me the words said by my husband on D-Day. According to her, Mr Choco was also born on a farm where he lacked food because he had several brothers and sisters. "

Guided by these analyzes, Isabelle was able to make good arrangements and today everything fits nicely in order . The cat has finally found its place and its place in this family that has become his. "It's a real pleasure for us to see him sleeping in his basket, on his back and on all fours. air! In addition, he is waiting for us behind the gate when we come back from work and we party by rolling on the ground at our feet! "

A very nice testimony that proves, once again, that cats, that they are black or not, wandering or family member, have as much love to receive and give as the others ...

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