Facebook: a dog found thanks to the social network

It can never be said enough, Internet in general and Facebook in particular are really powerful tools.

When George, Nahji Chu's beloved dog, was stolen from a busy street in broad daylight, the latter decided to use social media to find his dog

Thanks to the famous social network of Mark Zuckerberg , she was able to find her dear lost dog.

Once again, the social networks and the solidarity of those who compose them have made it possible to bring together a master and his animal .

All in search of George!

As she goes for a walk with the amstaff Nahji Chu's friend attaches her to a pole for a moment to withdraw money from the distributor. Taking advantage of his inattention, a man seizes this opportunity to detach the dog and flee with .

An elderly woman tries to intervene by shouting to call the police, but the man the jostles while running away.

" I knew there was only one way to find George, by reacting people and appealing to their good conscience ", said Ms. Chu.

She immediately created a Facebook page where she explained the theft of her dog and offered a reward to who would find it. In two days, 1,200 people join his Facebook page while 20 people roam the streets of Sydney in search of Georges.

They have something to be motivated: in addition to the web, Nahji has posted posters offering $ 4000 award in the city center

In less time than it takes to say, the dog is found by a police officer and a 53-year-old man is arrested . The representative of the order refused the reward, it was donated to an association for the defense of animals

Social networks & solidarity

Dog and mistress are now reunited

Miracles of modern technology, the Internet and social networks no longer serve only to communicate and stay in touch . They have now become true vectors of solidarity among people.

Indeed, this is not the first time this kind of adventure has happened. Not long ago, we told you about Lily Allen's mother who was able to find her dog thanks to Twitter .

And what about the stupor of this woman when she was asked as a friend on Facebook by his own cat!

There is no doubt about it, social networks and our pets still have some nice surprises in the future.