Eyenimal contest: have you won?

Our great Eyenimal competition has just ended, and it is So time to reveal the names of the lucky winners .

You are very likely to have taken your chance to win an Eyenimal camera for dog or cat, true high-tech jewel allowing animal masters to miss the crazy adventures of their 4-legged friends

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cameras Among you all, two people were shot at fate. But before revealing the results of the competition, here are the answers that had to be given to be selected

1 - What is the weight of the Cat Videocam
32 grams
2 - What is the autonomy of the Cat Videocam and the Dog Videocam?
3 - In the Cat Videocam there is a motion detector to stop the recording when the animal sleeps?

And the winners are...

Angel won an Eyenimal camera for cat Cat Videocam ,

Kuma won an Eyenimal camera for dog Dog Videocam

Congratulations to them, and thank you all for your participation!