Exclusivity! The feline population continues to rise in the heart of the French, dogs finally stabilize

study The survey conducted every two years by the union chamber of manufacturers of prepared pet food ( FACCO) reveals that the number of cats in French homes has increased again. As for dogs, their population stabilizes after several years of decline.

Two years ago, the large FACCO (Union of Prepared Pet Food Manufacturers) survey revealed that cat cats in French households was on the rise while the dog population continued to decline. Its new survey conducted with KANTAR-TNS in 2016 confirms this first trend but tells us that the second has changed.

Almost twice as many cats as dogs

Of the 63 million or so 'pets present in the French-a figure moreover stable- more than a million additional felines (+ 6.3%) were adopted in France, with a current population of 13,478,046 cats, almost double the canine population. The latter, which had decreased by 2% in 2014, however, experienced a slight increase (1.1%), bringing the number of dogs to 7.34 million.

But the most popular pet remains unquestionably the unrelenting fish that sits its monopoly with a population of 32.67 million.

Stable ages and weights...

Whether in dogs or cats, mean age and weight remain stable compared to 2014. In tomatoes, the average age is 6.3 years and the weight 4.5kg , while in doggies, these averages are 6.7 years and 18.6kg .

... just like the most popular breeds

The 2016 FACCO survey also reveals that the tastes of the French do not change much and that old and new owners remain faithful to the favorite breeds to live in their homes. The catwalks of the most possessed feline and canine breeds have not actually evolved. We find Siamese, Persian and Carthusian at the top of the ranking in cats, and Labrador, Yorkshire Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier in dogs.

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