Exclusive interview: Norman talks about his cat Merlin

The famous YouTUBeur adopted a cat a few months ago from a refuge of the SPA. For him, it was love at first sight, and since then it's love.


After the death of Sergi, who affected him so much, Norman decided to adopt a new ball of hair. After consulting the site of the SPA, it is a black cat with white mustaches that totally seduced him: Merlin. This one was in a refuge in the North of France where the YouTubeur went to meet him and to embark with him on his adventures. We met the idol of young people and we asked him to tell us more about the new tomcat of his life.

Who is Merlin?

"This is a European type cat - in my opinion a bastard - who is all black with little white paws and a kind of white collar too, like a magpie. I got it at the SPA , not very close to Paris since I went to Etalondes, super far in Normandy. I had spotted on the site of the SPA which is quite practical because it includes all the SPA of France so we can find all the animals that are there.

"It's a cat with a bit of a sad story, like all the animals in the SPA (Merlin was found locked up in an abandoned house with 4 other cats, probably his brothers and sisters, who were 'have unfortunately not survived, ed). I am very happy to have collected it and I think he is happy , so happy that he scratches me. I have a scar for life.

Why Merlin and not another?

"I'm a fan of black cats. I do not know if it's a kind of curse but since I was young I've always had lots of black cats. I do not know, I have a feeling with them. And it is true that when I saw it, I had a little heart stroke.

How was the adoption done?

"At first, he was very scared like all cats who had trauma and took longer to adjust. So at the beginning, it was a very bad cat, who had the only character to hide under the bath, every day. But now it's there, it's there, all the time, it is present, even a little too present. He is filled and full of love.

His qualities and faults?

"He is a faithful cat, he is always present with me. It is a very good companion . And he does not speak. The guy does not speak, nobody. The discussions with him are uninteresting. So that's more of a defect!

Merlin in front of the TV - Instagram @normanthavaud

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