Exclusive: A child has learned the language of dogs (Video)

By saying that there are so many similarities between children and dogs , it has had to happen: a baby has learned to communicate with a dog !

Recently, scientists have already highlighted that dogs are as intelligent as babies.

L history is in the United States, and concerns a baby named Oscar, who was born with a Newfoundland dog called Tatou.

Since birth, little Oscar has been around his friend Tatou day after day... so well that they have developed a mode of communication of their own !

Thus, Newfoundland knows exactly what is needed " say " and so that the little Oscar laughs to tears

What can they tell each other?

To date, no scientist has been able to translate the conversation that the dog and the child have in videotaped by mother.

Oscar's mother told intrigued journalists that she suspects the two comrades are making fun of her new hairstyle ...

The mystery remains untouched we suggest you to view these exceptional images to get a sense of what this dog and baby can relate to.

According to you what are they talking about ? A beginning of answer here