Outstanding birth of a two-headed kitten

Her name is Akamaru, she is a kitten and she was born with an extremely rare characteristic It is not one, but (almost) two.

Akamaru is a small, two-faced cat that has just been born in Liaoning Province, China. She has three eyes (one of which does not see), two noses and two mouths. On a litter of four cats, she is the only one born with a anomaly .

Akamaru's mistress, Xiao Wei, takes care of feeding her with a syringe every three hours, but assures that she is able to nurse her mother using one of her mouths. The mother pussy has surprisingly well accepted the presence of her kitten.

The cat mother and her cubs

The cat "Janus": a very rare case

Two-headed cats are also called "Janus cats" As a tribute to the two-headed Roman god. Generally, these felines suffer from health problems that prevent them from feeding and breathing. The life expectancy of animals suffering from this anomaly is therefore limited.

However, the cat Two-headed, longest-lived according to the Guinness Book of Records lived 15 years: his name was Frankenlouie and he died in 2014 from cancer. With regard to Akamaru, thanks to the care provided by both her biological mother and her human mistress, everything suggests that she will enjoy a long and beautiful life...

Akaru has two faces

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