Everything, everything, everything, you'll know everything about the ferret

The ferret , fufu for close friends, belongs to the NAC (New Pets) and if it was once a wild animal, its pet status is no longer to prove since it populates our homes in the same way as a dog or a cat .

Not to be confused with a rodent, since it is part of the mustelidae family , the ferret is as such a strict carnivore.

If you plan to crack for this animal, the AllCreatureAnimalClinic editorial advises the book The Ferret , a guide published editions De Vecchi who will not hide anything from you e the feeding or the maintenance of the fufu.

The ferret, endearing but still unknown

A ferret, responsibilities

Endearing, player and independent, the ferret is no less an animal for which you have to pay special attention.

It is necessary to inform yourself before adopting one at home, and the veterinary doctor Marta Avanzi, specialist of the small mammals of company, explains you this in his work.

Do you know where a ferret sleeps? Do you know what he eats? Do you know the precautions to take with the ferret when you have a child? Do you know the common ferret diseases?

If this is not the case, get The Ferret right now
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