Every year this little boy welcomes abandoned kittens and becomes their adoptive dad

Every spring, little JJ Edwards and his parents help a dozen baby cats left behind. abandonment and raise them until they can be adopted. They have collected more than 50 in 6 years.

Spring is not necessarily a good season for cats. In this farrowing period , many babies are abandoned by wandering cats or owners who do not wish to take care of them. Fortunately, associations give them a second chance and find families. Sometimes, the place is missing but for the Edwards, it is out of the question to let this obstacle stop them from rescuing them. Each year, for 6 years, the couple and their son welcome a dozen kittens they care and then entrust the adoption.

3 kittens supported by the Edwards family - DR

The best adoptive dad

And the little JJ , 10 years old, takes his mission of adoptive dad especially to heart and he turns his room into a real playground for mini felines with cat trees and toys of all kinds. It is he who is in charge of accustoming them to human contact , which is not always easy, and to tidy the mess they can leave. Last year, the family welcomed 7 balls of hair: Fairley, Farley, Felicity, Finley, Fleur, Fritz and Friday. Very wild and timid, they took a long time to be tamed, but once they made it to JJ, he became their best friend!

The little boy quickly gets attached to his kittens and tells them reviewing is sometimes very difficult, even if he knows they will be happy. That's why, at Christmas, his parents realized his dream and allowed him to keep Puff Daddy , one of the late litter kittens he cared for with devotion and love. Congratulations and thank you, little hero with a big heart

JJ and Puff Daddy

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