Every day, this black cat watches over the safety of schoolchildren in his neighborhood

From the top 15 years old, Sand is not an ordinary cat . Far from spending his days napping, this black tomcat living in Chicago, USA, ensures every day, without ever deflagging, the mission he has entrusted himself: monitor students of a school when crossing the road

The cat never missed a day of school

Sable is equipped with his own fluorescent vest , like the other security guards with whom he works, pupils of the school.

And the black cat definitely deserves to win the title of the volunteer of the year.

That it rains or that it sells, morning, noon, and at night he is at his post . And in one year, he never missed a day of work! At least that's what Monti Franckowiak, head of the school's security patrol, says.

" Every time the students cross, this cat is there with us "

Sable, a black cat all but evil!

Faithful to his job for a year

Sable has been tirelessly exploring the few meters between his home and the Enterprise Middle School in West Richland, and settles in front of the pedestrian crossing to the school to watch the students cross safely.

The cat belongs to a certain Tamara Morrison, who moved near the school last year. In front of his dedication and unbelievable dedication , he was offered a small orange vest that suits him!

He did not want to wear it at first says Monti Franckowiak & ldquo; But now he is very proud! "

Monti stands on one side of the road with his portable radio, and Sable settles on the opposite side. She ensures that the cat comes into visual contact with her when the children cross .

Became a real mascot , Sable loves children, and they love him. will you dare to read the funny story of this cat, that black cats are evil?