Every day, they are awakened by a strange noise, they put a camera and do not believe their eyes

Some animals can really be surprising!

Children are not the only ones who wake up very early. It is not by children that the family of this story was awakened every morning at the same time: 6 hours ! A very early hour to get up every day of the week, even when you are not working.

A (very) strange noise

Every morning at the same time, therefore, this family heard blows on their doorstep without really understanding where they came from. After a few days, they finally realize that this must be their cats, but still do not know how they go about making such a noise that looks like a series of little blows, as if someone was knocking at the door very quickly.

To be sure, they decide to place a camera in front of their closed door. It is there that they discover that the culprit is none other than one of their cats. And it's hard to describe how the cat goes about making such a noise.

Below you can discover this amazing video scene, which will be much clearer!

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