Every day, she discovers a pink flower in her garden and when she discovers the truth it is the shock

One so beautiful meeting.

Some cats have really sense of hospitality . No doubt this is the case of Willow, a beautiful cat who feels at home everywhere.

Shortly after moving into her new home, Rosie was surprised to find a cat in her garden, lying down as if she were at home. Better yet, the chatty and greedy cat never hesitates to give voice by meowing with all her strength when she wants to go straight into a house.

« Willow reigns on about six houses of the neighborhood and I'm sure she's fed by everyone because it's particularly hard to say no, "says Rosie, totally in love with the little cat.

Some neighbors even leave treats out for Willow. That's how much it's appreciated.

Flowers Every Day

Since the beginning of spring, Rosie has begun to notice pink flowers on her lawn. She first thought that the flowers were simply washed away . But that was not the case at all.

One of her neighbors explained the truth to her: it was Willow who laid the flowers every day.

At first, Rosie did not He thinks that half of it, even if the flowers accumulate in his garden and in front of his door. But a few days ago, she saw Willow with a flower in his face ! So it was true.

"I immediately filmed her because she was so cute and I had never seen a cat bring anything but dead animals.

So every day Willow steals a flower from her owners to drop it in Rosie's garden before settling on her lawn or couch for a well-deserved nap.

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