Essonne: he lives for three months in his car with 13 cats

A very complicated situation...

It all started in 2010. Henri then lived in Bagneux, in the Hauts-de-Seine with his father and three cats. Unfortunately, his father falls seriously ill and Henry has to deal with it. After multiple absences from his job so he can help his father, he loses his job .

Shortly after, his father dies. Totally exceeded for several months, Henri could not manage his cats who had many litters. He finds himself alone to manage 13 cats. A situation all the more complicated as the neighbors complain more and more of noise and olfactory ... Finally, Henry will be expelled from his home.

"It was out of the question that I separate of my cats "

So it was in a car loaned by his family that Henri settled three months ago with his 13 cats in the parking lot of a shopping center. Complicated moments for this animal lover who did not want to be separated from his cats by abandoning them. Even if for that, it was necessary to live with them in a simple car.

Following several reports these last months, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation came to recover the tomatoes to take care of it the time that Henri can offer them decent living conditions. Cats will first be examined by a veterinarian and will then all be placed in the same foster home. Henri will then be able to recover them because, according to everyone, he took great care of his cats.

For his part, Henri was able to meet a social worker who will help him to find a home and a job.

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