Epic Mickey and Raving Rabbits: NAC Drugs on

When Mickey , the world's most famous mouse makes a big comeback on the Wii and rabbits come back to wreak havoc for our greatest pleasure, we have to take our hat off NAC (New Pets)

Epic Mickey has just been released as a video game on the Wii console, and it is already announced as the success of these holiday seasons.In this game, our favorite mouse is propelled to Wasteland, a sad and dull world which he must redraw the sets are armed with a brush.

Wasteland is kept by Oswald the lucky rabbit , the father first character created by Walt Disney himself, fallen into oblivion since Mickey's success. Between the most famous mouse and the forgotten rabbit, the exchanges are announced "epic"!

Speaking of rabbits, here are others who populate the foot of the tree on the morning of December 25th. Rabbids return to the front of the scene after putting Rayman .

This time, the rabbits who are Machiavellian but stupid like their paws embark on a machine (washing) to go back in time and have fun changing the course of history . Prehistory, ancient Egypt or the kingdom of King Arthur, everything goes in.

And you, the NAC, you prefer them in video games or in real?