En route for his last trip, an old cat gives his paws to his masters...

Sick and old, a tomcat has taken off for the animal paradise. But before leaving, he had the most beautiful gestures towards those who loved him throughout his life.

He lived well and seems to have never missed anything. It is loved and serene that Little Andrew, beautiful cat of 15 years and a half sadly suffering, was in fact extinguished on August 12th. A disappearance all the more sad for his masters since they accompanied him on the way to his last trip...

But he was ready to leave. He knew it, he knew it, his time had come. Also, during the trip to the veterinarian for the very last time, the cat - sick for a year already - did his best to comfort his owners. As if to reassure them, " he put his paw on our hands during the ride," wrote abernha3 on Reddit before adding, "he was stronger than his mother and me."

Moving, this shot of a rare and intense beauty has touched a few Internet users... who - in turn - wished to pay homage to their dear loved ones.

Our first and last pictures together. Mortimer, 1991-2010.
My first and last picture with Mopsy
First picture ever taken of us on the left, last ever on the right :( <3

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