Elect the cat hero of the year 2014!

This year again, our best 4-legged friends did not miss to prove to us how exceptional they are. Some have shown courage and dedication foolproof, earning their title .

And while many dogs have impressed and moved us, felines are not to be outdone when it comes to heroism. Remember Tara, Canaille, Smudge or Ted: all are in the running to become THE cat hero of the year ! So to your vote, tell us what story has struck you the most.

Tara: she saves her young human from the attack of a dog

When Tara saw a dog attack his little master then 4 years old, he jumped to make him run away and probably avoid a drama.

It was last May, these images have gone around the world in just a few hours, and the cat Tara became a a little feline celebrity who can today boast more than 41,000 fans on Facebook .

> Tara's story

Smudge: he defends his little master against his attackers

Last July in Doncaster, England, little Ethan, 5, realized that his cat was and would still be his best friend. Aggravated by a group of older boys, the child saw his dear and tender cat fall on one of them. Incredulous and frightened, the boys fled without asking for their rest, and in tears!

The cat was in the running to become the cat hero of the year in England, and he came third!

> The story of Smudge and Ethan

Boulette: saves 11 people from a fire

At the age of 10, Boulette became a real hero last March when she saved the lives of 11 people house was in flames. A fire broke out in an old farmhouse where several families live in the small village of Bégude-de-Mazenc in the Drôme. The 11 inhabitants slept deeply when the cat Boulette gave the alert

> The story of Boulette

Canaille: she flies to the rescue of her mistress

Last October, Canaille, a pretty pussy all black aged 5, threw himself on the man who assaulted his mistress to make him flee. A man posing as an EDF agent had indeed entered the house of this young woman, in the village of Ororër, Oise.

"I have never seen my cat do that or defend me, the gendarmes found traces of blood on the wall, I suppose that Canaille scratched it, "said the owner of the courageous kitten

The story of Canaille

Thula, one guardian angel

At the beginning of 2014, the pictures of a little girl and her cat touched thousands of Internet users around the world. Thula, an adorable little female Maine Coon, became the guardian angel of Iris Grace, a little autistic girl. She brings him comfort, sweetness and peace of mind.

"Thula became her best friend, and helped her in a way I never imagined, and she helped me set her up for the night, at night. wake up in the morning, make her bathe, brush her hair... Thula will always find a way to help Iris, whatever the problem she is facing, it's amazing ".

> L story and photos of Thula and Iris Grace

Checkers: it saves the neighbor's life

We will never hear Pete White complaining about his neighbor's cat. And for good reason, this tomcat, called Checkers, saved his life.

On January 2, the man from Manchester was alone at home when the cat began to meow at his door until let him enter. Once inside, he says, the usual, discreet cat started to behave very strangely. Then Pete White started to feel chest pain. At first he thought he was suffering from a little indigestion, but the behavior of the cat made him think.

A few minutes later, help arrived, and Pete White made a cardiac arrest. It took almost an hour to stabilize it. Then he was taken to the hospital where he underwent heart surgery. Pete could have died if he had not called for help in time

Holly: a cat rewarded for the precious help he brings to his master

Like Smudge, Holly was rewarded at the National British Cat Awards, for all the good that it makes its human.

In 2012, the four grandchildren of Keith Smith, a native of Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, tragically died in the fire of their home . A short time later, the man lost his son.

It was for the comfort that she gave her master that Holly, a 6-year-old cat, was awarded a National Cat Award. By her presence alone, she saved the devastated man

> The story of Keith and Holly

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