Eight months after the death of his master, this dog is still waiting in front of the hospital

At the image of Hachiko, this Brazilian dog has been waiting for his master for 8 months... installed in the parking lot of the hospital where he died. The saying that the dog is the best friend of the man makes sense with Negão, the faithful dog.

Negão is the name of the most faithful dog in Brazil. Indeed, it is now 8 months that the animal waits in front of the hospital in which his master was hospitalized. However, the latter died shortly after his arrival... leaving the dog alone.

Homeless, the owner of the animal developed an infection. Unfortunately, it was worse than expected and was fatal. Since his master walked through the doors of the city hospital of Balneário Camboriú, Negão is desperately waiting for the latter to finally come out... " I saw him arrive behind the ambulance and then stay sitting here since all this time. Except in the movies, I've never seen that , "said a stretcher to a local media.

Since late 2015, the animal waits patiently, without suspecting that his human left our world . Painful by the dog's behavior, the hospital staff tried to make him adopt twice, but Negão fled systematically to return to his master.

Refusing to hunt the hairy their parking, the employees of the hospital now take care of him : vaccinated, sterilized, fed and cleaned, the dog is treated as best as possible. Ready to give all they can to the hairy, the officials insisted that Negão would stay with them " until he leaves on his own. As long as he stays in this car park, we will take care of him and give him all the love he needs .

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