Egypt: the revolt also affects the animals

As you probably know, 'Egypt is at the dawn of a major upheaval that will redefine the political situation of the country. For the moment, the Egyptian people are fighting for freedom, and as in any revolution, it comes through blood and tears.

The dogs and other animals hosted in the Egyptian refuges are also in a more than precarious situation. And the revolutionary movement is not working to help them. Employees and volunteers of animal welfare associations face the constant influx of animals and can only rely on their own dedication.

More dogs, less means

Animals, traumatized by riots , arrive en masse. A shelter in the city of Cairo has recently collected 30 additional dogs , often injured by tear gas that puts them in serious condition. The less fortunate have died, suffocated by lack of oxygen.

On the other side, the staff of this Cairo shelter has great difficulty in making ends meet. Donations are very scarce and theft of equipment has already been deplored. Some of the employees were surrounded by a gang of rioters who stole all the material given to them

The shelter already suffers from overpopulation with more than 623 animals But the staff is already expecting dozens of others in the coming weeks.

The situation is all the more complicated as banks and other shops are often closed because of protests that paralyze the capital. and the rest of Egypt. We want only one thing, that the Egyptian people quickly recover freedom , in order to take care of him and his abandoned animals.