Eclipse, the dog takes the bus alone to go to his favorite park

A dog who goes alone on a bus, crosses the path to find a place, sits on a free seat near a stranger, without any fear and the most naturally in the world, then goes down once arrived at the right place, that's what's surprising!

But in Seattle, in the Belltown neighborhood, some people are not surprised to see a beautiful black Labrador crossed Bullmastiff take every day the same bus to go to his favorite park .

"How not to love this dog ? "

At the height of her two years, Eclipse is a very intelligent dog. She is not at all a wandering dog or neglected by her owners. No, Eclipse is a big impatient. So when his master, Jeff Young, did not finish his cigarette and decides to wait for the next bus to go to the park, the dog does not wait for it. She takes the bus alone and waits for her owner joins . And this little game lasts a long time, says the young man KOMO News .

"At least once a week, I get a phone call." Hello, I found your dog Eclipse, and I have to say, "She's fine, she knows what she's doing." "It's fun."

Seatlle's transit company, Metro Transit, says everyone loves it So Jeff Young has decided not to deprive drivers and users of their daily enjoyment.

"All bus drivers know it. She sits as anyone does. It makes everyone happy. How do you dislike it? "says Tiona Rainwater, one of the residents of Belltown who has taken love for Eclipse.

This amazing story is reminiscent of that of the cat Dodger who conquered the heart of the people of Bridport in Britain, also taking the bus alone to go to a nearby village.