Dyson, the vacuum cleaner that thinks of pet owners

Not easy to have a clean interior and pet proof when you have one or more hairy at home.

Dyson , the world-renowned vacuum cleaner brand for inventing bagless vacuum cleaner , once again thinks of pet owners.

So she had already released the Dyson Groom , a brush that allows to suck the dog's dead hairs from the pet, it now releases a revolutionary new vacuum cleaner specifically designed for dog and cat owners, Dyson DC37 Animal Complete

. The DC37 Animal Complete (as well as the other DC37 models) is also distinguished by Ball technology, guaranteeing unmatched handling

. The proof in pictures:

Dyson DC37, the most handy vacuum cleaner!

A vacuum cleaner against hairs and allergens Especially indicated for people with allergies , this vacuum is with a filter that captures

allergens as small as pollen Dyson DC37 Animal Complete is supplied with all necessary accessories to eradicate hair from animals and other dirt from your home. This is particularly the case of the

rotary turbo which eliminates the bristles and encrusted fibers in confined spaces. And since it is a

Dyson last generation, the DC37 features Radial Root Cyclone technology, which allows an ever more efficient suction in the long term. Recap : the Dyson DC37 is a bagless vacuum that does not lose suction, offers a disconcerting maneuverability and particularly suitable for