Dying, a man decides to bequeath all his fortune... to his dog!

Because he has no one else in his life than his faithful dog, a Chinese Seriously sick recently decided to make him the heir of his wealth.

Life did not give him any gift... except for his dog. Wang Jungwu, a septuagenarian from Harbin City, China, who suffers from partial paralysis but also heart problems, is not lucky to be surrounded. For this reason, after blowing his 71 e candle, he decided to write his will. And in this one, it is to Er Fu that he chose to bequeath all his fortune . The animal is indeed the one and only companion to share his life for 11 years now, reported People's Daily Online .

Also, when his master will disappear, the dog will inherit of 80000 yuan (a little more than 10650 euros). A nice little bonanza that should keep him safe from need until the end of his days

More than a dog, a member of his family

Do not see in the decision of the old man any shot Madness: Er Fu is more than a dog for him. And for good reason, it is his only family since the tragic death of his son and his wife... Also, he has planned and organized for his faithful companion to live this separation at best: the latter will be welcomed at Liu Li, a local shelter that will have to take care of it and give it a "retirement". And if the director of the establishment, touched by the story of this beautiful duet, promised to take good care of the dog... she refused the donation of the master.

Following the release of its story in the media, Wang Jungwu had to be hospitalized. Although he is on a drip because of the deterioration of his state of health, he travels daily to the refuge to see his beloved dog and feed him.

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