During a fire, his dog refuses to move. He understands why and has tears in his eyes

A moving story

In this month of October, the California has experienced several devastating forest fires. When Roland Hendel wakes up that morning, he immediately smells the smoke and understands that he will have to leave the scene to avoid the risk of being prisoner of the flames with his family .

The whole family begins to get ready while the flames are already there. But what about animals on the farm? The family then decides to pack dogs and cats in a truck to save them from the flames. But one of the dogs - Odin - stubbornly refuses to move. He does not want to leave the goats and no one can make him listen to reason.

"I cried and took the decision to sentence Odin and his precious goats to death when leaving our farm.

A very difficult decision for Roland Hendel and his family, but necessary. A few hours later, Roland Hendel comes back to see the damage and has the surprise of his life.

A heroic watchdog

In front of him is his dog Odin, and he is not alone . He kept the goats alive during the fire and even a few deer nestling against him .

Roland Tembo Hendel

As a true hero, Odin did everything to keep his friends alive. security. And he is doing pretty well since the goats are healthy and he has only lost his mustaches and a bit of hair because of the fire. A real footed hero !

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