Duel at the head of the SPA

But what is still happening at the SPA? Last night, the allcreatureanimalclinic.com team received a press release announcing the dismissal of the association's president, Virginie Pocq Saint-Jean.

Indeed, Caroline Lanty, former president and administrator of the SPA convened yesterday a board of directors during which it was elected new president , by 13 votes against 8, thus dismissing Virginie Pocq Saint-Jean.

But this morning, reversal of situation! According to the SPA, this vote has not been validated since the request for dismissal had not been placed on the agenda of the Board of Directors.

Que d ' inconsistencies, once more!

For many weeks now, the animal welfare association has been stuck with bad points.

First of all, there was the report of the Court of Auditors , which unveiled the mismanagement of donations and bequests money. Heavy file that has only worsened with the revelation, there is little, dubious resales of real estate, ceded to the association during successions.

Caroline Lanty, then head of the association, had filed a complaint against X in October 2008 for breach of trust. Shocked by the inconsistencies in the management, she did not hesitate to say loudly what she thought about it.

And that could have paid off! If the dismissal had been recorded!

Virginia Pocq Saint-Jean, whose behavior had shocked more than one still seems in the hot seat. Among other reproaches, his " lack of management and his disastrous media interventions for the image of the SPA"

The remarks and concerns of all its employees and in particular refuges' leaders, who pointed out his "solitary and catastrophic communication" do not seem to alarm him.

When did the serenity found for the association defend a noble cause?