Drying the dog after bath

Spinning and pre-drying the dog

After bathing, here's how to dry the dog:

Plus il there is residual water in the hair, more the drying and drying of the dog will be long and laborious. Start by removing the bulk of the water by hand tightly tightening the locks of the head, the tail, the ears (without hurting the dog), the hair of the flanks and belly, and finally the legs one by one from the top down. Then carefully wring out the dog with a sponge, which you will drain several times of its water.

At this point, let it snap if it wishes, which will remove a large amount Again carefully rub the animal with the ultra-absorbent mop. Insist on the lower legs, feet, ears, tail and belly, which always contain large amounts of water.

When the dog seems really well wrung out, complete the work with one or more towels dry sponges, not forgetting all the "at risk" areas mentioned above. Ideally, a wiped dog has at most slight moisture at the end of the bath, but in no case a "wet" feeling when caressed.

Drying and brushing the dog

Drying is a delicate operation because some dogs do not support the electric dryer . The ideal method is that of blow drying. It allows, on any race, to reduce the drying time by aerating the hair and on the breeds with furry hair to "relax" the hair, which forms a thick uniform surface in which the scissors cutting will take place, true "Sculpture."

If the fur is not properly prepared, the cut will be harder to perform, and its result poor. The choice of the dryer is therefore a problem because to achieve a blow-dry , it is necessary to hold the device, while leaving both hands available so that one can hold a paw, for example, and the other the brush.

The groomers use professional dryers equipped with a long pipe, which they wedge under the arm, thus freeing their two hands. If you do not buy this type of appliance, you will have to settle for a hand dryer . The ideal is a powerful blower, but set on medium heat (not to burn the hair)

Also be careful not to hold the tip too close to the dog! To blow dry, hold the dryer with your left hand (for right-handed people), and a soft card with your right hand. Under the hot air jet, brush the treated area with short, fast twirls. As for disentangling, it is important not to press, which would make the skin blush, but operate quickly to well ventilate and relax the hair .

On breeds very long hair, it is necessary brush in the direction of the hair , so that it does not become entangled, possibly by gently pulling it towards the sides. Generally, we progress from the back to the front, then from the bottom to the top of the legs and we end with the head and ears. If you are lucky enough to have a hose dryer, dry the legs by holding them in extension and brushing them over, as in disentangling. This gives the best results. And for a successful brushing, nothing more effective than Foolee brush !

In the opposite case, it is necessary to pre-dry the hairs of the legs by rubbing them by hand under the jet of hot air, then stop the dryer to relax the hair, and dry again until a satisfactory blow-dry. It is, unfortunately, a waste of time and the result is not ideal.

The drying must be perfect until the areas "at risk" (ears, mustache, bottom of tail, inner limbs) and leg ends) are dry too. We then proceed to a last careful brushing , and the dog is ready for finishing.