Driven by the waves, a dog finds her masters after 10 days of wandering

During a family stay, the Kareken family saw their dog Kali carried away by the tumultuous waters of the region. A story that could have stopped there if fate had not decided to get involved!

Kali is a dog with incredible destiny. In July, David Kareken and his family visited Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario (Canada). As always, they took care to bring their faithful companion with them.

It was when they arrived in front of Rebecca Falls , very powerful rapids, that the fate of the doggie was sealed. She slipped and was quickly swept away by the swirling waves. After searching her for a long time, the family lost all hope r. "We were sure she was attracted to the bottom of the river and we would not see it again until it came to the surface a few days later. This idea was unbearable, so we left the woods. " David told Buzzfeed News

They soon packed up and returned to their homes, the soul in pain. Until the incredible happened, materialized by a phone call: the rangers of the park had found Kali, a little more dirty and thin, but in good health! David jumped into his car and ran the 22 hours to his dog in one go.

Kali arrived by floatplane and the reunion was extremely emotional.

"It looked so much like We were making puppy sounds together, and when she wakes us up in the morning, at home, we keep wondering if this is not a dream, and no, that's the reality. " concluded David Kareken

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