Dozens of stray and hungry cats rescued in Béziers

More than a hundred cats captivate the attention of lovers and animal defenders of Béziers, in the Hérault. Left to their own devices, hungry and terrified, the felines settled on an old Roma camp. But while the municipality has launched a large cleansing of the land, it is more than urgent to rescue and collect these cats . Alas, some have already succumbed. Many dead kittens have indeed been discovered...

"An apocalyptic vision"

Quoted by the foundation 30 million friends, who is committed to pay the sterilization and identification of animals, Nathalie Chartrain, the president of the association Les Chats libres de Beziers, confides to have had " an apocalyptic vision ".

"It was madness! Out of nowhere, dozens and dozens of cats are thrown at me and at the food I brought , "she says

" A litter of rubbish is piling up on the ground, which has become a real open-air dump All cats are skinny, sick, full of fleas, and not identified . Many of them are not sterilized, they are hungry, have coryza and have their eyes stuck. only a few days! "read on the blog of the association .

Since last August 4, supported by de Shady volunteers, Nathalie Chartrain tries to help all these cats. It is urgent to install elsewhere , to preserve the backhoes arrived on the scene, but also hunters. Because the former camp is close to a hunting ground

81 cats rescued, and a call for help

On September 6, 81 cats had already been rescued. Those who have not been placed in host families live temporarily in the association's pens, waiting to be adopted.

But fifty or more other cats are still there . Despite the support of firefighters, will still take several days to evacuate all felines.

The foundation 30 million friends, The Free Chats of Béziers, and other animal protection associations involved in this rescue then launch a call for help. They are looking for volunteers, adopters for all these poor animals, but also need money to care for them. A collection was then launched on Animal Click .