Dozens of Dogs Exploited for Their Blood

A new survey by animal welfare NGO PETA has revealed the hell of about 150 dogs on a farm in Texas. They are used... for their blood.

In the United States, there is a blood bank for animals: the Pet Blood Bank. It is notably supplied by a farm in Texas that operates 150 former racing greyhounds . He was a former Pet Blood Bank employee who opened the investigation.

His photos and videos show dogs in bad shape, locked in small cages, running around in circles. is symptomatic of stereotyped behavior, a sign of malaise Others also spend hours digging holes in the ground

Dogs appear to be suffering from different pathological : untreated wounds, ticks, gingivitis, incarnated nails... During the investigation, two Sighthounds were even found dead in their cage.

To collect their blood, these dogs are locked up for three hours in small cages. They are then pumped 20% of their blood volume , according to the PETA

Watch the investigation in video (sensitive souls to abstain):

The blood bank denies en bloc

The employee who denounced this situation asked his management to provide better care to the dogs. But, for lack of change, he contacted several health agencies and alerted PETA , who then released this investigation.

In response, Pet Blood Bank allowed an assistant sheriff's office local to visit the farm, and then released a statement on his Facebook page: "It is important to note that the owner of Pet Blood Bank is fully dedicated to honesty and transparency. In fact, Pet Blood Bank was the first entity to request that local law enforcement officers investigate their property after allegations have been made (...) The assistant was able to see that all the animals had food, of water and shelter, he could find no sign of abuse or neglect, and saw that the animals appeared healthy. The investigation is still ongoing.

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