Doumia: his former master sentenced

You probably remember the story of this young mistreated Golden Retriever named Doumia . Beaten by her master, she was saved at the beginning of the year by the refuge of Bouguenais (Loire-Atlantique) "Animals and men".

The cameras of "Seven to Eight" and "30 Millions of friends" had moved for filming Doumia, who quickly recovered from her injuries, members of the shelter allowed the young dog to recover, by surrounding , and attention

Originally named Efira, the brave animal was renamed Doumia when he arrived at the refuge.

On Monday, June 28, the trial of the former master of Doumia , 23 years old, had just separated from the mother of his 2-year-old daughter, whose dog, who had remained with him, was perpetually terrorized by the aggressive master

The pr prosecutor of the Republic asked for 6 months of suspended sentence: the man was finally sentenced to 4 months of suspended sentence and a ban on keeping an animal for 15 years

Seven associations of protection including the SPA or the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, were a civil party and each obtained 300 € in damages

The foundation 30 Million friends, including, judge this sentence too light , and thinks to appeal.

Doumia has been adopted since by a member of the shelter "Animals and men". A happy and peaceful life is now offered to the young dog!

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