Doumia the abused dog: the ordeal is over

Many of you responded to the mistreatment of the bitch Doumia . The show 30 Millions of friends went to the refuge on Thursday, March 4, to collect a bitch for a film about her ordeal.

The young Golden Retriever, abused by her master (fractures multiple, burns, bruises), was saved in January by the animal shelter " Animals and Men " located in Bouguenais (Loire-Atlantique). The shelter became aware of the abuse following a phone call. Finding this young bitch of 7 months in a deplorable state, they decide to take her with them so as not to leave her prey to the abuses of her master.

Large chain of solidarity for Doumia

Subsequently a chain of solidarity was created and sufficient funds were raised to treat Doumia. Note that her name was chosen by the shelter's owners.

The young dog is recovering quickly from her injuries thanks to the care of the members of the shelter. She can now walk again. In addition, it is a happy animal who seeks the contact of the man.

The president of the refuge, Dominique Bacot, has filed a complaint against the owner, who will appear in June in court. The 30 Million Friends Foundation is a civil party.

The report will be broadcast in late March or early April. AllCreatureAnimalClinic will keep you informed of the release date

This story is unfortunately not an isolated case , this kind of abuse is discovered every day by the various shelters in France.