Dolphins help save a dog near drowning

In Florida, dolphins actively participated in the rescue of an 11-year-old Doberman, called Turbo, who was fell in a channel and tried to survive drowning since at least 15 hours . This is the kind of news that balances our heart and makes us want to smile at life. One would even be tempted to say that Flipper saved Lassie !

But how did a handful of dolphins save a dog of such size? By wearing it on their fins to bring it back to the shore? No, doing some mayhem! In Florida, a part of the city is crossed by canals directly connected to the ocean, and the dolphins can inflate in the city at leisure.

One imagines that when they saw Dobermann at bay, the dolphins have did the only thing in their power to help him: attract attention . They then dived and plunged again near the animal until a neighbor left her home.

Seeing the animal, she called for help and threw herself to the water to get Turbo out of its hell . It is reasonable to think that dolphins stayed around the animal for the simple reason that they were intrigued, but something in the heart of our heart told us that they understood the danger and all done to save him . This is also the animal world!